IoT HackDay – Hackathon in Hyderabad from October 3-4, 2015
28th September 2015

IoT HackDay, where Things and Cities become Smarter!

Make an Impact for Our Hyderabad in 32 hours!

Take a second to think about what distinguishes you, as a hacker. Is it your impressive ability to stay (semi) functional for 24 hours on end? Maybe your unmatched ability to maintain a sense of humor, even when the Gods of Code decide to pick on you that day? Or is it your ability to easily process immense amounts of Red Bull?

IoT Hackday Hyderabad

While all of these things are impressive (seriously, props for the no sleep thing), what really distinguishes you hackers from others, is your unparalleled PASSION for what you do. A passion that is derived from a single feeling, and is guided by your need to see that feeling turn into a thought, the thought turn into an idea, and the idea come to life!

Welcome to the first season of IoT HackDay, where Things and Cities become Smarter!

Hack. Have fun. And win prizes!

we are excited to host a series of events for an inspiring theme “IoT & Smart cities” initiative in 9 cities, this time for a 32-hour hackathon kicking of from Hyderabad on Oct 3-4, 2015.

“Come lets hack our Hyderabad into a Smarter one and make our things more smarter”


Day 1 – Saturday   

09:00 AM : Doors Open to Attendees / Breakfast of Champions

10:30 AM : Sponsor Talks and Team Pitches

12:00 PM : Hackathon begins

01:00 PM : Lunch is served

02:00 PM : Sponsor breakout sessions

07:00 PM : Dinner is served..

Hack through the night!

Day 2 – Sunday 

08:00 AM : Breakfast

12:00 PM : Lunch

01:00 PM : Hackathon Ends / Submission due on

02:00 PM : Demos Begin / Demos only / No Slide Decks

(If your demo doesn’t work, take us through the code of

what you did and where you got stuck. It’s about showing what you’ve learned and not about pitching an idea)

6:00PM: Winners are announced / Prizathon!

Congrats and Hell Yeah!

For more info, please don’t hesitate to contact the IoT HackDay Team.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Registration & More Information: